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US military shame: Coalition is about to free Raqqa for the third time this week (+VIDEO, PHOTO)

American virtual victory over ISIS* in Raqqa gets more and more details.

Command of the US-backed «Syrian democratic forces» and all the leading news agencies have proclaimed «liberation» of Raqqa 2 tomes for the lest 7 days. On Tueasday when Raqqa news appeared in Western media operation «Inherent Resolve» speaker Rayan Dylon has officially stated that «after more than 4 months of operations, Raqqa is more than 90% cleared (from ISIS – edit.)».

On Wednwday Pentagon colonel published data on new results of Coalition’s military operation in «liberated» Raqqa.

«SDF now control 95% of Raqqa; socer stadium, former National hospital, Naim Circle; clearence operations continues in last blockes».

October 19 — the third day of liberation of the «liberated» Raqqa, new tweet from colonel Dylon:

«SDF has cleared 98% of Raqqa — small pocket east of stadium remains. Checking buildings and tunnels for any last ISIS holdouts».

So when Western media keep reporting Coalition’s victory,cruel fights in «liberated» from terrorists Raqqa go on.

Let us remnd that hudreds of ISIS terrorists were officially released from the city encircled by Kurds and Americans. Those militants were soon off to Syris to fight Syrian Aab Army near Deir az-Zor. It seems to be the «victory» the Kurds and Americans have been celebrating for the third day on the debris of ancient Syrian city turned to ashed for the 4 months of operation.

State Dept blames Russia for airstrikes of Idlib against Raqqa’s ruins

As may be seen on these shots city quarters are literaly turn to ruins, there is no intacts building left. Footage of US warplanes burning Raqqa with banned phosphorus bombs have appeared before. Then Pentagon invented quite a silly reasoning saying that phosphorus bombs were used to set smokescreens. But ootage from Raqqa deny this lie:

Now department of State has brought new accusation against «Russian and/or Syrian» forces, they are accused of bombing Idlib from air, main victims are civilians.

«Russian and/or Syrian forces keep performing airstrikes in Idlib province which resulted in many deaths among civilians and medical personnel», — the statement says.

As always there are no evidence of the airstrikes.

*запрещенная в РФ террористическая организация

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